Justin Vivian Bond is an activist and trans-genre artist. On and off broadway, in films, writings, solo exhibitions, and music albums, Justin Vivian’s work lives at the intersection of art and activism. Their artistic work questions the gender binary and mirrors their fight for LGBT and gender nonconforming people’s equality on a larger scale.


Viv's Mx'd Tape

a poem by Viv

At The Other End of The Night


At the other end of the night


there will be a band playing


songs only you know I like


and there will be cake


-yellow cake with pink icing.


There will be a fallen tree


covered with moss to sit on


or even lay down on


if the mood strikes


and most likely it will.


There will be no reason not to relax except a desire for some other




The air will be fresh


and only slightly humid


-just warm enough


to make your skin glow


and rise to my touch.


Other people will come by


but they'll only stay for a pleasant amount of time


then they'll move on.


But you'll stay.


And I'll stay.


Because at the end of the night


time spreads itself out before us


like a soft blanket


awaiting our next move.


No rush.


No news.


Everything is circles


and breathing.




and textures.


No reportage.


An occasional feast of flora


where we remain.




but not constricted.




but not "as one."


No bravery necessary.


Presence assured.












At the end of the night we can rest.


But for now


hold my hand


and don't let go.


-by Viv