Elise Peterson is a feminist writer, visual artist, and educator analyzing how identity interacts with varying sociopolitical factors. Her written work doubles as storytelling and investigating the nuance of identity and sexuality as it relates to marginalized communities. Her visual work is centered on reinterpreting the past in the framework of the evolving notions of technology, blackness, and cross-generational narratives.

watch now: Elise's original video art piece, Talking Heads

Elise Peterson, Talking Heads Artist's Statement


The transparency of a person is under constant evaluation. We judge based on visibility without much deeper consideration for the opacity of a person’s experience. Even, at times, our own vision of self can be obscured. Sex, drugs, religion, trauma, love and a myriad of experiences deepen the tonality between who we have been and who we are.



My obsession with examining iterations of self has fueled an ongoing series of audio and visual exploration of recorded conversations. The work explores the timelessness of truth alongside imprints of technology on communication by utilizing 35mm film images and computer animation.

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