I've told you once,

I said it clear,

I can love you more than that,

 just let me do it from here.


It's people like me,

We keep you on your toes.

I don't wish us on anyone,

But you know it's how it goes.


We can sleep anywhere,

Just where you stand.

I asked you to let me go,

And hoped you'd hold my hand.


Just make us breakfast,

I'll miss that the most.

If it wasn't for the son,

I'd always burn the toast.


Beyond waves,

Beyond waves,

Of the future.


Beyond waves,

Beyond waves,

Of the future.


And I can see it's killing you too...


Run a bath

And don't get in.

It's not so important,

If you don't know how to swim.


But when you let me miss them,

I take comfort in you.

Let it come and go the ways is supposed to.


Beyond waves,

Beyond waves,

Of the future.


And I don't have a choice,


Beyond waves,

Of the future.


Do you have a choice?

Domino Kirke is a musician, doula, birth educator, and Codirector and Cofounder of Carriage House Birth, a company dedicated to providing a supportive and comfortable pregnancy for mothers. Domino recently released her EP Independent Channel, which drew inspiration from her son and her work with carriage house. Since then, she has been working on a debut album to be released in the Spring of this year, lyrics from which she shares below.