A feminist attorney, educator, and activist, Angelique Roche is the Vice President of External Affairs at Ms Foundation for Women, an organization dedicated to confronting the real challenges that women face. Prior to joining the foundation, she was the first African American woman to run a statewide political campaign in Ohio.


Throughout her political career, Angelique has worked in labor equity, voting rights, domestic violence, gender discrimination, fair pay, and juvenile justice.


Below she shares a poem she wrote during her time working for former President Obama in the southern US.

Dear America by Angelique Roche


Dear America I hear your cry,

Singing your song of sorrow to you dissipating history

It calls to me, dreaming of both equality and a colorless society; intermingled

It seems we have sacrificed social standards for a “brighter” future

We have embraced technology without responsibility; blindly

You frighten me, more importantly you frighten yourself...


Beautiful America, smeared in red

Stained with unattainable expectation and impatience

I weep for you  and your digital divide

A broadband that reaches no further than fantasy.


I cry for my beloved country lost in its own progression

Stalled mid-lesson

Drowning in its on monochromic hate

And all I can do is pray that your fate steers clear

Of your present reality

In a truth that wills me to remain loyal to what I dream of what you should be

And I hope that someday we return back to civility.


For now, we who see YOU remain few; remain diligent

Carrying your torch, and your symbolism in our hearts

hoping that our love will keep your true values warm.